Gala Dinner Cibo Nostrum

Cibo Nostrum 2019 The great celebration of Italian cuisine to celebrate the food and wine culture, education and solidarity. Food Nostrum, organized by the Italian Federation of Chefs and DSE – Solidarity Emergencies Department of FIC in collaboration with Charming Italian Chef and Conpait, born from desire to attribute the right value to Italian agrifood excellence. Added value of this edition is the inclusion of the event within the tight schedule of the XXX National Congress of the Italian Federation of Cooks, which will be held in Catania from March 31st to April 2nd 2019. experience to consolidate unique relationships Last night organized GALA DINNER from the ITALIAN CUOCHI FEDERATION at the spectacular location of PURE ROOT !!! A green microcosm, nestled between the heady essence of the sea and the Mediterranean culture, the majesty of the volcano Etna and the magnificence of the Sicilian architecture. A unique location in the world to host your event: meeting, convention & congress and luxury wedding #siciliaconventionbureau

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