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Sicilia Menu

A journey into the traditional Sicilian cuisine with its flavors and its unique fragrances.
The guests will prepare some of the most typical Sicilian cakes, such as cannoli and marzipan fruit will taste Sicilian wines and liquors.

Walking through the streets of the old town of a typical Sicilian town.
Notes That this is not a master of the kitchen but a real city tour and, at the same time, an original networking activities.

Why choose Sicily Menu:

  • It fits perfectly to all types of events, leading you to explore beautiful historic cities in a way unique and interactive;sicily menu
  • It is the perfect medium to enrich any citizen tour with elegance and culture.
  • It can be adapted to all types of corporate message.
  • The leaflets, specially made for the occasion are a souvenir for participants.
  • The structure of the game Allows each person to move at Their Own Peace and choose how long you want to use for each test.
  • Also available with a car or other means of transport.

Sicilia Menu includes:sicily menu

  • Creation, production, testing, technical management, coordination and direction
  • Coordinators and facilitators
  • Ingredients (edible), as selected recipes
  • Accessories and props
  • Brochures custom and branded as per your requests 1 every 6 pax
  • Sicilian recipes (1 / pax), printed on high quality card stock, and custom, as a gift for your guests