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A crime has just been committed before your eyes.
… But do not worry: it’s just a game!

Here you are all the elements of a yellow intricate: a man killed in a mysterious, strange evidence to be examined, a detective, and a handful of suspects, all sitting at the same table, in your own room.
Obviously, detective and suspects are all our experienced players.
The game begins!
Among the courses, the investigator will conduct the interrogation, alternating moments in which, in exquisitely interactive manner, will be the same guests torchiare suspects, and to examine the evidence gathered.
Who committed the crime?
Such as? Why?

And most importantly, will your team to find out the truth first?

Why choose our Murder Mystery Dinner:

  • It is not a simple role-playing game is a real pi├Ęce of interactive theater staged by actors experts;
  • And ‘the perfect icebreaker: allows colleagues and strangers to mingle and socialize in a relaxed and pleasant conditions;
  • It develops creativity and raises morale;
  • Enhance the ability to react on time, and encourages guests to express and defend their own opinion;
  • Each event is based on the original plot written by our authors, and not “inspired” to some famous book. In this way, there is no possibility that one of the guests can know the culprit before the event!
  • The theme and the plot can be adapted to your message or your needs;
  • A Murder Mystery Dinner is interactive, but can also be operated without a real public participation. Each participant can in fact free to choose whether he prefers to intervene publicly, investigate in a more intimate, or just enjoy the show.

For What we suggest our Murder Mystery Dinner

  • Special Teambuilding Events
  • Meeting of high-level
  • Events for the selection of personnel
  • exclusive Celebrations
  • Celebrations for fundraising

Our Murder Mystery Dinner includes:

  • Creation, production, testing of the artists, technical management, coordination and direction
  • original storyline
  • Director professional
  • Technical audio / lights
  • original Music
  • Actors
  • Costumes, accessories and props
  • Special effects
  • “Evidence” to be distributed at each table