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Team Building

Yellow Weekend in Sicily

Weekend in Yellow is the most complex and compelling of our investigative events, lasting a whole weekend.

Each participant Receives a card in advance That Describes the character he will play (its history, its passion, its objectives): what in jargon is said script. Then the characters meet by taking part in a gripping story That will end with a criminal event and (hopefully) with its enigmatic resolution …

Weekend in Yellow is a simulation That will test your powers of deduction of the guests, and That will tickle Their hidden interpretative Inclinations … not only, in fact, participants will find Themselves searching for answers to classic questions of the yellow, but will Themselves they part of the riddle, and it will affect the resolution by Their actions and words!

Why choose our Weekend in Yellow

  • Extremely engaging and interactive, it is one of the strongest experiences of team-building in the world. Guaranteed!
  • Theme and plot can be adapted to your needs.
  • Up to 25 different roles, designed to be easily interpreted by all types of people.
  • Each event is based on the original plot written by our authors, and not “inspired” to some famous book. In this way, there is no Possibility That One of the guests can know the culprit before the event!
  • And ‘the perfect example of an event in the balance between cooperation and competition.

For what we recommend our Weekend in Yellow

  • Teambuilding Special Events
  • Meeting of high-level
  • Events for the selection of personnel
  • exclusive Celebrations

Our Weekend includes Wrote

  • Creation, production, testing of artists, technical management, coordination and direction
  • original storyline
  • Director professional
  • Director professional
  • Actors
  • Costumes for the actors
  • Accessories and props for each participant
  • Special effects

Duration: ideally a weekend, but the format can be adapted to last from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 48 hours.