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Evening dedicated to the real and tangible Sicily, engaging and fun!

Hospitality during the cocktail with Storyteller, including the colorful “paintings” that are, by tradition, a counterpart to his narrative, accompanied by a guitarist. The Storyteller recounts 3000 years of history of Sicily in rhyme and in just 120 seconds, in a quick and simple procedure.

Introduced by our Storyteller, therefore, guests will take place, and each will receive a Sicilian tambourine (optional) for an icebreaker fast: led by a teacher will learn in fact to keep in time with their tambourines, the pace of which will fit then some musicians folklore professionals.

The dinner will then officially begin, and in the intervals between courses will follow, always introduced by our Storyteller, different artistic interventions.

Among them, at least we highlight a truly unique spectacle: the living Pupi Siciliani, exclusive Azimut – creating emotions.

Some actors lose out on stage the ancient Sicilian tradition pupara, in Sicilian and English (or Italian) in a new way, enjoyable and highly entertaining!

Close the evening the engaging performance of a folk group of 15 elements that drag in dance and singing all present.

Why Sicilian Night:

  • The classic theme Folklore Siciliano is finally reinterpreted in a modern and engaging way!
  • This format is a perfect representation of the continuous contradictions of this land is elegant and casual at the same time, exciting and instructive, proudly humble and incredibly rich!
  • Easily adaptable to any number of participants!
  • It allows you to experience the most profound and genuine parts of Sicily, its history and its traditions!

Sicilian Night includes:

  • Creating, designing, testing, coordination and direction
  • Director professional
  • storyteller
  • Original paintings by Storyteller
  • Entertainment living Sicilian puppets
  • folk Musicians
  • Ballerini folcloristici
  • Service audio/luci professionale
  • Tecnici audio/luci
  • VDP, schermo, regia video e mixer 8 canali incluso
  • Tecnico video
  • Dj
  • Costumi, materiali di scena, accessori e make-up per gli artisti