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Team Building

Mafia Games“Mafia Games” is an innovative format, which combines expertly exciting challenges, the thrill of a classic treasure hunt, and the pleasure of discovering the places that the participants are visiting. Guests will be divided into teams (each representing a “mafia family”), and equipped with everything you will need to get to their goal: finding the traitor hiding among them!

From then on, every place you visit will include a game to be won, actors and artists to meet, something to enjoy, or just something to do, to get a clue about the identity of the traitor. Of course, each stage is thought to be very different from all the others, providing an experience polychrome and always different!

Finally, during the gala dinner (highly recommend our “Godfather Night”), each team will have to indicate the identity of the conspirators, and winners will be rewarded with a special prize …Mafia Games

Mafia Games may be repeated for any length of time, becoming the perfect “leit motif” of the entire event.

Why choose Mafia Games

  • His strong ironic characterization makes the Mafia Games a truly unique!
  • Highly addictive, it is a unique and interactive way to explore any city or Sicilian village.
  • The structure of the game allows each person to move at their own pace and choose how long you want to use for each test.
  • Also available with a car or other means of transport.

For What we suggest our Mafia Games

  • special and unique tour of each country, city or location, within an incentive trip, meeting or conference.
  • Special Teambuilding Events
  • Pure fun!

Mafia GamesOur Mafia Games include:

  • Creation, production, testing of the artists, technical management, coordination and direction
  • Director professional
  • Backpacks containing the materials needed for the activity
  • custom Brochures
  • Bilingual artistic Staff (Italian / English): actors, musicians, street performers, like the format needs
  • Accessories and theatrical props
  • Costumes for actors and artists