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Our “Godfather Night” is unsurpassed celebration of the world of “The Godfather”, perfect for the gala dinner of your guests.

Godfather Night, however, was specifically designed to celebrate the entire event, thanking and rewarding guests who participated and won the games and activities proposed in the earlier days.

Screens will show clips from the film trilogy of Ford Coppola, while filling sound system will send the music from the soundtrack of the film.

Also, included in the package, a group of cameramen will follow your guests during the days preceding the Godfather night, and films obtained will be professionally edited just in time to be screened during this night.

Godfather Night includes professional (in English presenter), stage, artists and exclusive shows, in a show asolutamente unforgettable.

Why choose our Godfather Night

  • It has a strong theme, famous throughout the world, and strongly linked to the destination Sicily
  • And ‘complete and extraordinary experience
  • It includes various side-shows, bound together by our theme Siciliano
  • Extremely flexible, so as to adapt to virtually any location and availability of time.

For what we suggest our Godfather Night

  • Gala Dinners
  • Cocktail
  • exclusive Celebrations
  • Product launches
  • Celebrazioni

La nostra Godfather Night include

  • Creazione, produzione, prove degli artisti, gestione tecnica, coordinamento e regia
  • Regista professionista
  • Service audio e video, microfonia inclusa
  • Luci
  • Maxischermi e proiezione delle scene siciliane della trilogia de Il Padrino
  • Tecnici del suono
  • Live band
  • Attori bilingue (Italiano/Inglese)
  • Costumi per attori e artisti
  • Accessori teatrali e materiali di scena