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discover Etna

Discovering Etna and the Sicilian culinary tradition.

In just a few hours you can with our Etna Gourmet ! Our teams, by jeep, will compete in a real race between forests and lava paths, Overcoming this evidence offered by our gourmet.

The theme, of course, Sicily and
the Sicilian culinary tradition : which will be the fastest team in preparing the typical Sicilian cannoli, or to produce the largest number of homemade macaroni? Which team will be able to squeeze more oranges or guess as many Sicilian drink?

Trekking and gastronomy are closely linked in this teambuilding format, to create a ‘fun and memorable experience!

Why ETNA Gourmet?etna gourmet

  • It fits perfectly to all types of events, and is a unique and interactive way to explore the highest active volcano in Europe!
  • It can be customized to fit any type of corporate message.
  • The format Allows each person to respect the own pace, Deciding how much time to devote to each test.
  • It ‘a perfect balance of physical and mental challenges, cooperation and competition, so as to be pleasing to all kinds of people!

Etna Gourmet includes:

  • gourmet etna 1Creation, production, testing, technical management, coordination and direction
  • Coordinators
  • Actors / “gourmet”
  • Ingredients and all the materials needed to pass the tests
  • Costumes for the actors
  • ¬†Accessories and props

To distinguish the different teams, we suggest the typical Sicilian high quality tailoring in different colors caps, Which would remain as well as souvenirs of the event participants.