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Do you want to celebrate the event just experienced?

Are you searching for a perfect gloss to an unforgettable day?

You want to reward your guests in a unique way?

Our Celebration Night is the right choice for you!

On stage, an announcer will introduce the musicians, singers and artists only ones of their kind, while giant screens will show the live broadcast of that night, as well as special images and graphics, as well as video taken (and edited) by professionals throughout the event in a resounding synthesis of the experience just lived!

Also, this is the perfect opportunity to deliver any awards or recognitions.

Note that each Celebration Night is carefully customized: depending on the unique needs of the client, you may add short (but intense) ice-breakers (as our distinctive Tambourines Sicilian), itinerant artists (magicians close-up, fortune tellers, painters, mimes etc.), or simply a colorful theme to the whole night!

Why choose our Celebration Night:

  • Extremely elegant
  • Exceptionally flexible: it can be easily adapted to every season, location and number of hours
  • Easily adapted to any number of guests
  • And ‘varied experience and polychrome, appreciated by every kind of spectator
  • It includes various side-shows, all tied together by the theme of the event

Per cosa vi suggeriamo la nostra Celebration Night

  • Celebrazioni
  • Cene di gala
  • Feste esclusive
  • Lanci di prodotto
  • Feste di raccolta fondi

La nostra Celebration Night include

  • Creazione, produzione, prove, gestione tecnica, coordinamento e regia.
  • Regista professionista
  • Service audio, microfonia inclusa
  • Luci
  • Maxischermi, proiettori e proiezione in diretta
  • Tecnici audio
  • Artisti, come per programma concordato